How to Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo

//How to Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo

How to Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo




How to Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo takes a very modern approach to the traditional game of polo. The author, Steve Thompson, is a veteran polo instructor and professional player with over twenty years of teaching experience across the globe. This book is the culmination of his teaching and playing experience over two decades in the sport. More than just a technical “how to” guide, it’s 200+ pages provide everything you need to go from zero to hero on the polo field and more importantly – make sure you look cool whilst doing it..!!!

Hardback Edition

Author:- Steve Thompson

(A little about Steve from Steve..!!)

My passion for horses began way before polo, in the eventing world, and many of my teaching theories stem from this sound equestrian knowledge. Horses and polo are now my vocation, and it is where my career began, training polo ponies. I was far more intrigued by the horse’s ability to perform, and privileged enough to introduce and contribute my training methods. The stick and ball came later and I can tell you honestly that I was no natural sportsman. The learning curve was a long and painful process to finally be considered a pro. The only reason I succeeded is that I analysed every component of the sport over the years and years. It’s the reason I wrote this book – to save you the painful journey”.